Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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Model Spy (The Specialists, #1)Model Spy by Shannon Greenland
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Model Spy was a kind of guilty pleasure for me. It's one of those teen books that doesn't really require you to think a lot.

And indeed it was.

There were various parts that I frowned upon. One of the examples is Kelly's clumsiness or whatever awkwardness it is. No way someone that awkward and clumsy could bring David to his knees on her very first training in martial arts-- or whatever name that is. Kelly is the typical-predictable heroine that thinks she isn't beautiful or not worthy enough, though with a more bratty teenage-ish sounding.

I laughed my ass off during her so-called attempt to do 'sexy poses' that are wonder-woman-esque whilst licking her lips and giving sultry looks. See how ridiculous that sounded? You get the idea. For some reasons, maybe because I read Fifty Shades of Grey before that, but Kelly's inner babbles sometimes resembles Ana's inner thoughts. That thought made me laugh louder.

I find Kelly as a bit shallow. And the plot was very... predictable.

Regardless, Model Spy is a read where you don't want to think and just snickers for fun. It's a fun read, and indeed it was. It's just that, though.

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