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Warprize  (Chronicles of the Warlands, #1)Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Warlord is a pleasure to read. It's fun, tinged with fantasy (though far less magic content than what I've expected) but still nevertheless interesting.

The Characters
The main character, Xylara is strong, resilient, and stubborn. But she's clever too, meaning she knows when not to be stubborn and when to be. A wise choice I'd say. You need to love the main character to love the book.

The warlord, Keir, is not brash, demanding, arrogant and pompous. Thank God for that. I would have stopped reading this book if Keir starts hitting Xylara. He is, of course, attractive and such as that is kind of a given for every romance book out there. His insistence on certain things are logical and Kier and Xylara does not make a stupid couple. I like.

The side characters as well, are not lacking in personality and depths. Each has their own charms and you can't help to just smile at their interactions to one another or even their antics.

The Plot and the World-building
Plot is okay, kind of predictable to be honest. It's the characters that made this book shine as bright as the stars. The world-building is executed quite well I'd say, though it's still far lacking when it is compared to Brandon Sanderson (considering I'd been reading The Way of Kings before I started this book) as well as other High-Fantasy authors. However, when viewed from a fantasy romance novel, it is quite well done. Just not epicly brilliant or someting to that level.

Verdict? Four out of five stars just because the characters charmed their way to me.

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