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Warlord  (Chronicles of the Warlands, #3)Warlord by Elizabeth Vaughan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Thankfully, the third book had more essence as compared to the second book and Vaughan kind of redeemed herself. At least, I found myself less compelled to skip the pages ahead. Though I find myself, at some point, still skipping pages though not as much as when I was reading the second book.

Now, where should I start?

The plot, as always, is cliched. I can already guess, even from the start of second book, what is going to happen on the third book. In fact, I would much prefer if Vaughan would shorten the second book and combine it with the third book. Then that would have made a gripping book. The second book feels much like an interlude, of nothing of significance, but I digress. We're talking about the third book here now.

The world of the warlords and the tribe of the Plains is described at length here on the third book and they compels me so much. It is interesting to note how their tribe is like a mixture between barbarians and civilised people. Now, I don't really like to use names such as barbarians because even they have culture. It's just us that branded people as barbarians because we see them acting in different culture than ours.

Nevertheless, their culture is interesting and here is where Vaughan's skill in world-building kind of shines. I wish we could have gotten more exposure on Xylara's side too, though because all I'm getting from the Xyans is plain, boring medieval kind of people. I'd expect more from a different realm kind of feel procured by Vaughan.

Overall interesting read, but definitely not on top of my list. I tried peeking on the first few pages on the fourth book, but I just wasn't bothered enough to continue this series.

Four out of Five stars.

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