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Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
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Unlike most others, I didn't get into this book because of the Game of Thrones tagline. It was mostly because of the author coming from Fictionpress, and the badass synopsis promising an awesome MC.

It was an overall fun read but it was just that. I didn't have the feeling of "Wow, that was one hell of a ride." by the end of book. What I got, instead, is an empty gaping hole in my heart that indicates something crucial is missing from the book.

I can't really complain about the characterisation of the characters inside the book. They were mostly moderately okay. I will not delve further into that.

What I would like to talk more is the plot and the execution of it. It felt like there were too much things at once into one book. I have understood from the very start that books such as Throne of Glass would not finish with just one book because of the world building. The world concept was okay-- but the problem is there are too much things going on at once in the first book that made me had to stop on a particular page and try to trace back a page before and try to understand the whole thing.


As a result of cramming too much into one book are some glaring problems:

1. Too much unanswered questions. Too much till the point when you finish the book, you will frown and feels that you know as much as when you were at the start of the book.

The races in the world, how many of those are there? The book said many, but I don't know how many exactly. And how did the king managed to conquer those? What happened to the resistances? How are the people feeling about the king?

The symbols of Wyrdmarks (is that how to spell it?) were still unknown to me except for one particular symbol that the Celeana managed to find in one book at last after weeks of researching in- possibly the biggest library in the whole realm. The rest of the symbols she has seen throughout the book were still unknown and the explanation of it inside the book did nothing to my imagination because it was a very unknown concept. The book should have included some, I repeat, some explanations of other symbols so that the readers will not be confused the hell out of their minds by the end of the book.

The secret passages, what were they? Why were they made in the first place? Why was one of the entrances at Celeana's room? And why does no one knows about it albeit of the villain of the book? At least a little background info would be nice.

The catacombs were for what? Besides for the obvious reason, obviously. Why were those be at one end of the secret passage? Why were the bodies so well preserved? Why there were so many symbols inside the tomb and why were it upside down? Why was there a sacred sword inside there? Why is it not used by the king instead? Why why why?

Why did Celeana told her whole past to Nehemia but the readers didn't get at least a peek of it? I still know nothing besides her parents were murdered and she got adopted by the deadliest assassin in the whole realm. Which, the readers are already being informed at the start of the book.

Why Celeana? Why her? Besides of the whole Queen of the past telling it is her. But why?

There are still some questions, but I do not wish to extend this review much longer than it already is. At least, I will appreciate if some of the glaring questions are answered. It's like, the reader's being thrown in the dark throughout the book. It frustrates me to no end. My inner detective is tingling and thirsting for some juicy bits of information. Again, I would like to state the lack of my knowledge on the whole world by the time the book finishes.

2. I think, I really do think that back off from the triangle romance on the first book. Start the triangle on the second book or something. The romance felt very forced. There were no passion I felt for both males and they didn't grow on me. At all.

Overall, Throne of Glass is a decent read, and would have been a very good read if there are less in it. Too much things going on at once can be a lethal combination.

ps. Is it just me that finds it strange that there is a billiard in medieval earth?

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